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Garden, Plant &

Rock Garden 

Your garden maintained by professionals

Our team specializes in garden, plant, and rock garden maintenance. Depending on your specific needs, our professionals can weed and fertilize your lawn for optimal results.


Our landscapers take care of your plants by placing them in strategic locations so in order to take full advantage of natural light and maintain a good state of health. We’ll also arrange a border to help synchronize your garden.


Finally, our specialists trim your hedges and bushes to complete your outdoor layout and make it look great. Contact us today to benefit from our personalized services for your garden.


Specialized Landscaping

Have you just bought a new property and would you like to enhance the exterior with style and elegance? You can count on us to offer garden, rock garden, tree and plant arrangements for an enchanting outdoor landscape.


Take advantage of our tree and shrub planting services to shape your territory and delimit shaded areas. An irrigation system can also greatly contribute to the health of your lawn. Contact us to discuss and install for you. 


Do you dream of a bit of magic when the sun goes down? Lighting fixtures suitable for your landscaping can be practical, safe, and attractive. Ask our experts for advice on personalized outdoor lighting that will make your evenings more charming.


We provide high-end solutions to enhance your outdoor environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your detailed needs or ideas to get off the ground.

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Grass Cutting &

Lawn Care

Healthy Grass

Say good-bye to weeds outright! Our weeding specialists travel to Laval and the surrounding area to meet the residential and commercial needs of our customers.


We use efficient equipment to cut unwanted weeds that are on your property. In addition, the lawn fertilization process is carried out efficiently using our dethatcher.


Contact us to eliminate weeds and treat your lawn - you will get long-lasting, quality results.

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A Family Venture

Since 1994

Aménagement Paysager R&R Inc. was created in 1994. Over time, the family business has developed a stable and profitable reputation with a varied clientele wishing to benefit from quality solutions in terms of landscape maintenance. Father and son now work together in a team of professional landscapers specializing in high-end landscaping and maintenance while serving Laval and surrounding areas.


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High-end solutions in Laval and on the North Shore

Aménagement Paysager R&R Inc. specializes in high-end landscaping and maintenance. They serve Laval and surrounding areas.

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(450) 667-6349

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From 7h00 to 19h00

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French, English, Italian

Payment Methods

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For more than 20 years, Aménagement Paysager R&R Inc. has been carrying out high-end landscape maintenance projects in Laval and the surrounding area. Our experienced landscapers move to provide personalized landscaping services to our long-term residential and commercial customers. Contact us today for your requirements or to simply gauge the possibilities around your landscaping projects.

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